The rush is on to secure .BANK – poised to become one of the most quickly adopted new domains

BOSTON, Mass. (June 24, 2015) — More than 3,000 .BANK domains were registered last night as banks across the world vied for the newly released domain extension.

“This fast adoption, called the “Land Rush”, represents one of the most successful launches of the new domain extensions so far,” stated Tom Barrett, President of EnCirca, a domain registry company and ICBA’s preferred .Bank registrar.

According to Barrett, “We processed nearly 2,000 orders for our clients with almost all of them getting their first choice .BANK name. Many banks not only secured .BANK names that match their .COM websites, but also leapt at the opportunity to get shorter and more relevant brand names for their bank. As more and more domains are registered, we expect that first-choice success rate to drop. So for the best choice of names, banks should take action to secure their preferred names as quickly as possible.”

The launch of the .BANK domain name extension represents the banking industry’s determination to eliminate fraud from online banking by mandating enhanced security standards that all banks must follow with their .BANK internet addresses.

“The level of interest in the .BANK extension exceeds anything we have seen in the last 18 months,” said Barrett. “Remember, with strict eligibility requirements, there is no risk of cybersquatting in .BANK.  Bankers are registering in .BANK because of the potential of delivering a more secure online banking experience for consumers.”

About EnCirca

EnCirca ( specializes in brand protection and customized domain name registration services for top-level-domain extensions focused on industries, communities and professions, such as .REALTOR, .TRAVEL and .JOBS.  EnCirca is the only Registrar serving on .BANK’s Security Standards Working Group and is the preferred Registrar for the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA).  To request an interview or inquire about EnCirca’s .BANK Registration services, Thomas Barrett may be reached at or +1.781.942.9975.