Re-Introducing existing “new” gTLDs

Considering premium names in the new gTLDs? Then you should give existing “new gTLDs” another look and see some of the names you can pick up on the cheap. Here are our picks starting at just $125.

Where can you pick up some premium names for just over $100?

TLDs like .travel, .pro and .jobs will soon be re-introducing themselves to the public, most of whom will be seeing them for the very first time.

This will not only drive sales in these existing TLDs, but will also force a comparison with the premium name pricing that many of the new gTLDs are offering.

If you are considering premium names in new gTLDs, then you should also consider some of the existing “new” gTLDs too.

As an example, consider these .travel names. All can be registered for less than some of the same strings in new gTLDs.

Compare .travel with some of its new alternatives.

Which is going to be worth more in 5 or 10 years?