.Jobs Poised to Offer New Listing Service for Employers

The .Jobs Registry is poised to offer a new jobs listing service for employers after ICANN’s reaffirmation of their registry service request. To take advantage of this new service, employers must first register a .Jobs domain, such as companyname.jobs.

Employers will have soon have a new option for advertising their jobs listings, provided they have a dot-Jobs domain name.   A proposal by the dot-Jobs registry to distribute job listings to a network of portals was approved by ICANN back in August but was being challenged by job board operators, such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com.  The ICANN Reconsideration Committee last week decided in favor of the dot-Jobs Registry.

To take advantage of this service, employers must first register a dot-Jobs domain, such as companyname.jobs.  Secure your companyname.jobs domain here.

For the full decision and rationale from ICANN, you can visit: http://icann.org/en/committees/reconsideration/bgc-recommendation-09dec10-en.pdf