ImPROved .PRO: More accessible, cost effective & user friendly

.PRO upgrades to an all-new version on November 17, 2011.

Starting November 17th, .PRO registrants will no longer have to wade through a cumbersome registration process and delayed activation of  .PRO domain names. The .PRO data collection process has been streamlined so that registrants are now able to register and use their domain names instantly.

.PRO has grown in popularity and now has over 114,000 registrations.  RegistryPro wanted to make .PRO easier for end users and registrars by implementing the following upgrades:

  • Immediate activation of newly registered second level .PRO domain names.

Registrants no longer have to wait for domain name activation while license information is submitted.  The domain name can now become active immediately upon registration.

  • Professional data now directly tied to individual domain names rather than registrant whois contact.

Registration and activation is now a snap for licensed professionals.

  • Streamlined professional data collection process.

The professional data required upon registration is reduced to only the type of licensed profession.

As the market leader, EnCirca is offering special promotional pricing of just $9.99 for new .PRO registrations.

Visit .PRO page for more information and to reserve your name.