Dot-webcam domain enables stay-cations

The .webcam domain name may be the tipping point for mass-scale adoption of live videos by tourism destinations. Secure your .webcam for just $7.99 until the year-end.

Do you want to see what Miami Beach looks like right now? How about the ski slopes in Utah? Or the volcanos in Hawaii? As winter gets underway here in New England, the mind wanders to warmer, more exotic locations.

Many travel destinations have long installed webcams so that would-be travelers can view live images of their favorite vacation spot. The live cameras may be installed by the local tourism board, or hotels and restaurants.

The challenge is how to find them. One website worth checking out is This site claims to have active listings of over 48,000 live webcams.

Another recent development that may help is the new dot-webcam domain extension. Now any hotel, restaurant, club or tourism board can boost their visibility with a live video stream.

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