.CO Landrush Opens! June 21 at 2:00 pm

.CO .CO Landrush opens for registrations at 18:00 UTC (2:00pm ET) today – June 21.

For the first time the general public can obtain priority and keyword domains in the .CO name space. It’s a great opportunity for trademarks that may have missed Sunrise to obtain their names and extended marks –  as this is not a first come, first serve phase.

During Landrush between June 21 and July 16 (12:00 Noon EDT), anyone will be able to request a domain at a higher premium rate. In the case of more than one request for the same domain, an auction will be conducted.

The business case for owning a .co is clear – it’s an ideal platform for business and commerce – especially on an international basis. As a domain that recently had registration restrictions removed, there are millions of great domains available.

The suffix .co is universally recognized as an abbreviation for company. In a recent .co registry survey, 75 percent of respondents equated .co with “company”, “corporation,” or “commerce.” In fact, nearly 50 countries use .co as a second level domain name to depict just that, such as co.uk and co.jp.

To secure your name, visit EnCirca’s .co domain page.