Landrush at EnCirca

Today is the start of landrush registration for the new domain extension.  Find out more at EnCirca’s domain page.

The “co” prefix is universally recognized as standing for “commercial” or “company”.  A domain is thus an ideal complement to a business using an existing “co” or “com” extension in their country-code top-level domain and wishes to project a global image for their business.

“EnCirca predicts that the bulk of the interest in the extension will come from businesses using “co” in their internet address in countries such as: Denmark, Japan, Netherlands and the United Kingdom”, says Tom Barrett of EnCirca.  “The extension is a natural on-ramp for companies in these countries looking to project a more global image on the internet.”

There are close to 300 million domain names on the internet.  About half of these are in the .com TLD, where it is difficult for a business to register a domain name matching their business name.  Most of the other half are registered in country-code TLDs, focused on e-commerce in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Argentina and Australia.  As businesses in these countries recognize the value of projecting an international image on the internet, there are new extensions emerging to serve this need.

As part of the .com extension, the extension has the advantage of universal acceptance in every website and web browser in the world.  The other hopefuls are new to the internet and may have some issues with being recognized by various social media services and ecommerce vendors.

For more info, go to domain page.

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