.cm open registrations delayed (again).

.cm open registrations delayed.

***EnCirca received the followng notice about the start of open registrations for .cm ***

The Go Live of .CM set for 27th August 2009 ( 00:00:01 UTC ) has been postponed.

The servers under the control of Camtel require further testing. Pulling the .cm Zones from the CoCCA Registry and loading them onto the .CM TLD servers is still not reliable enough at this point for CoCCA to approve the use of our system for processing second level .CM applications.

CoCCA provides the Register System but does not provide DNS services. The administrators of the various ccTLDs that we host on our platform generally use Anycast technology and reliable third party DNS providers with whom with we have a close working relationship. This include UltraDNS, DynTLD and PCH – all of which have proven and reliable DNS networks.

The .CM DNS is managed by Camtel, – Cameroon’s Telecom company ( not Netcom.cm SARL or CoCCA ). CoCCA has been working with Netcom.cm SARL who has in turn been working with the regulator in Cameroon to improve the reliability of the .CM DNS. These efforts are not sufficiently advanced for COCCA to be comfortable in assisting in bringing this product to the market for “Live” registrations.

We support the approach taken by Netcom.CM to go through a Sunrise and Landrush applications phase; and to discontinue the wildcard – therefore bringing a best-practice approach to the administration of the .CM ccTLD.

As a CoCCA registrar, you have a trusted relationship with us as your registry provider. We need to ensure that offerings made using our systems and technology are reliable enough for you to be confident when you extend those offerings to your valued clients. Unfortunately this is not the case at this time. We hope the situation will change in the next few days

Garth Miller