.blog Sunrise and pre-reg at EnCirca now

Guess who owns the .BLOG Registry?

WordPress, the most popular blog software, powering over 50% of all blogs and over 25% of all websites, is the Registry operator for .BLOG.

So, even if you don’t plan to use the domain right away, it would be prudent to protect your brand so someone else doesn’t.

Registered Trademark Owners

Sunrise Registration – Aug 18 – Oct 17 – $225   Accepting orders now

Registered trademark owners should enter their trademark into the Trademark Clearinghouse to participate in .BLOG Sunrise Period. To participate in Sunrise Registrations, a trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse is required. EnCirca is fully equipped to assist you in registering your trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse. Get started now by visiting our Trademark Clearinghouse services.

Don’t have a registered trademark? Register for Land Rush.

Landrush Pre-registration – Until October 31 – $225   Accepting pre-orders now

Pre-register for Landrush today. Pre-registering allows you to be away from the computer when the .BLOG landrush begins. Do not worry about losing your preferred domain name to a faster registrant. With our pre-registration, your order will be placed in an automated submission queue so your order will be ready to be submitted as soon as .BLOG goes live.

The most effective marketing tool a business has!

General Pre-registration – Until Nov 20 – $30   Accepting pre-orders now

Publishing a blog is the most effective marketing tool a business has. Get the right domain and tell your story perfectly. A .blog domain is trustworthy and instantly recognized. As a new domain extension, there are millions of great .blog domains still available. Your life’s story. Your company’s story. Any story. Whatever your blog is about, there’s a .blog domain for it.

Find out more about our sunrise, landrush and general availability offerings on our new gTLD page.