Volume of .PRO Domains Increase by 220% in Two Years

.PRO Domains Rise 39% From 2011 to 2012, Compared to 8% .COM Increase

.PRO Domains Rise 39% From 2011 to 2012, Compared to 8% .COM Increase

The .PRO domain’s popularity is rising. Licensed professionals looking to brand themselves online are securing their preferred names at an amazing rate – and their interest in the .com domain is in a steady decline – especially, as their preferred names are rarely available in .com.

According to the most recently published ICANN reports:
– There was an increase in .PRO one-year registrations of 140% this year over last year – in comparison, there was less than a 9 % increase in .COM one-year registrations from 2011 to 2012.
– Although .PRO is experiencing fantastic growth, there are still thousands of great names available. Consider this: there are approximately 150,000 .PRO domain names registered. In comparison, there are over 100 million .COM names registered. To increase the likelihood of securing your preferred name, pick .PRO over .COM.
– The total number of .pro domains continue to rise. The total number of .pro domains increased by nearly 39% from 2011 to 2012, while the total number of .com domains has only risen 8%.
– Over a two year period, there has been an increase in .pro domains of nearly 220% (from 2010 -present)

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2 thoughts on “Volume of .PRO Domains Increase by 220% in Two Years”

  1. dotCOM stats are >>

    08/02/2011: 96,307,430
    08/01/2012: 104,049,840

    So it is 8.04% dotCOM increase in 12 months, but when it comes to absolute numbers, it is an increase of 7,742,410 dotCOM domain names in 12 months!

    Total of dotPRO is about 150,000 domain names, so… dotPRO is a tinny fish!

  2. This is just a PR and marketing gimick. Who in their right mind would build their business witha .PRO.

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