.Travel Incentive Rebate Program

.Travel Incentive rebate program for blocks of 50 renewals or registrations. Program ends March 21, 2011

Dear  EnCirca Customers;

This is notice of the launch of the .Travel Incentive Rebate Program (“Rebate Program”)  effective immediately.

The .Travel Rebate Program will provide a $20/name rebate incentive for registration or renewal of blocks of .travel names totaling 50 or more, held under the same registrant Unique Identifying Number (UIN).  In addition, all participants will receive a free search report for their domain names on the top-50 social networks.

The following are the detailed terms of the Rebate Program.  

1. The Rebate Program will be in effect from 24:01 eastern U.S. time December 21, 2010 to 24:00 eastern U.S. time March 21, 2011 (the “Term”).    All registrations and renewals must be completed within these times to be eligible for the rebate. 

2. The rebate paid by EnCirca will be $20 U.S. per name, per year of registration or renewal (the “Rebate”).

3. Only blocks of .Travel names totaling 50 names or more held under the same UIN and registered or renewed within the Term will be eligible for the Rebate. 

4. To be eligible for the Rebate you must give advance notice to EnCirca of the UIN under which the names will be registered or renewed and the total number of names and term length that will be registered or renewed.  

5. All registrations or renewals made during the period will be initially charged to your account at the  normal retail price per year. The .Travel Registry will confirm that the UIN and total registrations or renewals match the advance notice given by you and will authorize a rebate to your EnCirca account within 30 business days of completion of the registrations or renewals. 

Some additional details:

1. Any combination of renewals and new registrations are possible as long as the total number of domains is at least 50.

2. The rebate is for each year of registration.  So, multi-year registrations and multi-year renewals will get a $20 rebate for each year registered or renewed

3. If you have domains under more than one UIN, you may combine them for this program by renewing them under a common UIN.  Contact EnCirca on how to do this

4. In-coming transfers do not count towards the program.  However, you may transfer in domains and then renew them for subsequent years to qualify for the rebate.

5. You must complete your new registrations and renewals within the term of the program.  In other words, by March 21, 2011.

6. The rebate will be paid once the full block has been registered or renewed and we have verified that the block has met the requirements of the Rebate Program.

7. The rebate cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupons.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

EnCirca Support