Submit your Questions for the Dot-Nxt Conference

Submit your new gTLD questions for the panelists at next week’s Dot-Nxt conference at

Next week’s Dot-Nxt Conference in San Francisco is going to be audience-led.  This means that ANYONE can pose questions about new gTLDs for the panelists.  All you need to do is to go to, sign up for a free account and submit your questions.

So if you are unable to attend in person, you can still get your questions about new gTLDs answered.   Tom Barrett, president of EnCirca will be serving as one of the panelists.

Sign up here for free:

1 thought on “Submit your Questions for the Dot-Nxt Conference”

  1. With the introduction of new domains on the market is ICANN going to do anything to level the playing field on existing extensions by removing registry requirements for extensions such as .PRO, .TRAVEL and .BIZ? Alot of people feel that restrictions are a negative towards growth in these extensions.

    Therefore with an unlimited amount of extensions coming onto the market without restriction, is something going to be done to allow these existing .gtlds to play fairly?

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