.PW Land Rush underway with premium names for sale

Grab some short generic names in a brand-new TLD. Apply for the .PW Land Rush today.

The .PW TLD is entering Land Rush February 18 with more than 90 registrars for its launch.

Gear yourselves for this limited time opportunity, open to anyone that wants to seize the chance to register short, generic names in the .PW space.

This is not a first-come first-served system – domain names that receive multiple applications proceed to an auction. The domain is finally allocated to the winning bidder of the auction.

The .PW TLD is being marketed as the “Professional Web” to small businesses world-wide

Below is the updated .PW Launch Timeline

• Sunrise ends: February 15, 2013
• Landrush starts: February 18, 2013
• Landrush ends: March 18, 2013

To secure your name and for more details, please see EnCirca