.Pro continues steady growth in advance of new gTLDs

.Pro and .pw are both targeting the professional market with some aggressive pricing. Given this week’s priority numbers drawn by potential competing new TLD’s, it looks like they have some time to build market share in 2013.

With aggressive discounting, the .Pro top-level domain has continued steady growth in 2012.  There are over 140,000 registered domains in the .pro TLD. This is mainly due to a registry promotion of $2.99 through December 31 for all .pro domains.

This is encouraging given the new TLD’s that plan to complete with it.

.pw – The “Professional Web” is current in the midst of its Sunrise period and begin general Availability in Q1 of 2013.  This is a re-purposed ccTLD.

Most of the potential competitive new GTLD’s are contested and thus will not likely launch in 2013:

.law – six applications with priority numbers ranging from 453 to 1311

.lawyer – two applicants with priority numbers 467 and 1375

.abogado – one application at 1376

.attorney – one application at 752

.med – four applications with priority numbers ranging from 483 to 1867

.cpa – six applications with priority numbers ranging from 219 to 1609

.cfa – one application at 1249

.accountant/.accountants – two applications at 1091 and 1547

.architect – one application at 1362

.dentist – one application at priority number 1456

.dds – 760 and 1853

.legal – 271 and 754

.doctor – three applications with priority numbers ranging 980 to 1733

.engineer – one application at 214

.engineering – one application at 660

So, it looks like .Pro and .PW have some breathing space before new gTLD’s launch.

You can grab a .Pro for just $2.99 until December 31.

One thought on “.Pro continues steady growth in advance of new gTLDs”

  1. I registered my first .PRO a pair of days ago for $2.99, a domain the .COM owner wants more than $100K, and where the pro as profesional give it a nice plus.

    I registered at EnCirca, you have so much times promoted the .pro (for a resaon I ignore) than when I thought .pro I thought about you. I had to visit domaining.com as I did not remember the EnCirca name but once found, it was easy and cheap!

    My feeling is the .me success has opened the doors and more and more people should consider in the future the .pro, the new GTLDs should be a booster.

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