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A dotBOSTON domain is a powerful way to show the world the value of your location online. It’s a way to show that you made it here, and you’re part of what makes the city great.

Whether you are a business with a local footprint, a non-profit organization serving the Boston area, or simply a passionate resident of the city, Boston is an important part of who you are. Now it can be a part of your online presence.

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  • Find out more about our sunrise, landrush and general availability offerings on our new gTLD page.

* Some names may be premium or blocked.

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The newest domains from the Amazon Registry are available now at EnCirca.


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  • CLOUD (JP) – xn--gckr3f0f – . クラウド- $30
  • CONSUMER ELECTRONICS (JP) – xn--fct429k – . 家電 – $30
  • FOOD(JP) – xn--jvr189m – . 食品 – $20
  • SALE (JP) – xn--1ck2e1b – . セール – $20
  • STORE (JP) – xn--cck2b3b – . ストア – $30

    Find out more about our sunrise, landrush and general availability offerings on our new gTLD page.

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.PRESS is celebrating its 3 year anniversary!


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.PRESS gives individuals and organizations a meaningful platform to share opinions, disseminate information and influence their audience. .PRESS gives opinion makers and information sharers the perfect way to establish their credibility and grow their online reach and relevance!


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dotRADIO is the new domain extension for the radio sector, which includes broadcasters, internet radios, people working in radio, companies supplying goods and services, and radio amateurs.


dotRADIO will have an end-of-date Sunrise/Landrush period from August 23 to October 31, 2017.


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EnCirca is now accepting applications from eligible organizations and individuals from the following categories:

  • Unions of Broadcasters
  • Official Radio Operators
  • Internet Radio
  • Radio Amateurs
  • Radio Professionals
  • Radio-related Companies

During the dotRADIO application period: 

  • All Sunrise and Landrush phases will run concurrently.
  • Qualified radio industry entities will be able to register dotRADIO domains before the general public.
  • Any and all applications will be accepted until October 31, 2017. Once these phases are completed, the .RADIO Registry will allocate domain names based on verification criteria.
  • Registrants are required to state their intended use of the registered domain name at the time of registration.
  • Each domain name will be individually and thoroughly validated by the Registry Operator. Self-declaration will not be sufficient.

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.BOSTON Sunrise begins today at EnCirca

Register for .BOSTON Sunrise starting now until August 31st for $90.00


Eligibility for Sunrise is limited to companies that have registered their trademark with the Trademark Clearinghouse.


What is .BOSTON?


Managed by the Boston Globe, .BOSTON is the champion of geography based Top Level Domains. Imagine, WWW.YourCompany.BOSTON. Enhance your brand by distinguishing your company, product, or service from the thousands of .COM domain names. Join the crowd and proclaim your .BOSTON identity today.


Find out more about our sunrise, landrush and general availability offerings on our new gTLD page.

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.CREDITUNION is in General Availability now!
$150 per year for registration/renewal. Some premium names may be more.


Dot CREDITUNION will be an excellent tool for credit unions to provide a trusted online market to promote their products and services while providing members with a greater level of security and confidence.

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  • Whois Privacy is not permitted by the registry
  • Eligibility for .CREDITUNION is limited to bona fide Credit Unions with a primary office based in the United States.
  • The selection of a .CREDITUNION domain name must match or be derived from the Credit Union’s legal name or trademark.
  • More information on registration rules can be found in the Creditunion Registration Policies.

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Guess who owns the .BLOG Registry?

WordPress, the most popular blog software, powering over 50% of all blogs and over 25% of all websites, is the Registry operator for .BLOG.

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Publishing a blog is the most effective marketing tool a business has. Get the right domain and tell your story perfectly.

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