New Job Listings Network Proposed for Employers

Companies may soon have an innovative way to advertise their job listings on the Internet, according to a story published by the Associated Press (Pioneer of online job search starts over again)

The proposed new service would distribute job listings to thousands of web portals aimed at job seekers.  The initiative would be led by the Direct Employers Association, a nonprofit consortium of leading U.S. corporations. The new service would use over 30,000 regional web addresses, such as and and occupation-specific addresses, such as

Any company that owns a .jobs domain name could then list their job openings on these regional and occupation-specific web portals for free. This proposed portal would offer tremendous cost savings over advertising on traditional job boards, as companies can have all their job listings featured for the retail price of a .jobs domain name – about $115. This would represent enormous value for companies that need to watch their expenditures, but still need to attract the best candidates.

Stay tuned to see if this becomes a reality.  For more information about securing a .jobs domain name, visit: