ICANN’s Big Reveal: A rising tide lifts all boats…

This morning, ICANN announced the list of new domain extensions and all of the applicants. Much speculation has been made about how these new applications, if successful, will impact the Internet.

We predict that with the emergence of companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft submitting applications there will be some major funding behind promoting new domains. And, with the flurry of marketing about new tlds, awareness about all of the gtlds that have launched in the last ten years such as .travel, .pro, .jobs, .aero, .coop will be increased.

Over 1,900 applications were submitted – 100 were from Google – and millions of dollars were spent for application submissions – and more energy and money will be put into the execution of the domains as well as sorting out who has ownership of domains that might have multiple applications or trademark issues. Click here to view the entire list of applications.

All and all, the first of these extensions are expected to be launched early in 2013.