ICANN Announces Clearinghouse Vendor

ICANN announces the service providers for the trademark clearinghouse. Fees are estimated to be $150 to trademark owners and $10,000 to registry operators.

ICANN has announced the vendors for the Trademark Clearinghouse.  The clearinghouse will be used by trademark owners for the required Rights Protection Mechanisms that all new gTLD’s, such as .sport and .music, must use starting next year, including sunrise and trademark claims, a watching service for the first 60 days of general registrations.

The selected vendors are: Deloitte, CHIP and IBM.  Both Deloitte and CHIP were service providers for past sunrise periods, including .eu, .mobi, .tel and .asia.

ICANN also announced the approximate pricing for users of the TMCH.  Trademark owners are expected to pay up to $150 to participate in sunrise and claims.  Registry operators will be expected to pay a one-time  set-up fee of up to $10,000 to utilize the clearinghouse services.

The clearinghouse is expected to start accepting submissions from trademark owners in the fourth quarter of 2012.