Clever Advertising for Professionals in a Recession

Establish your online presence and get noticed by employers with .PRO

The recession has professionals scrambling for a competitive edge in the jobs marketplace.

One approach is to establish an online Internet presence using the .PRO domain name. A .PRO domain name can be acquired for less than $20 at EnCirca, one of the leading .PRO domain name registrars.

“Professionals need a way to get noticed by employers,” says Thomas Barrett, President of EnCirca, the leading .PRO registrar. “Creating a web site for their resume or blog is an approach that will pay dividends far into the future.”

Examples of professionals using .PRO to establish their online presence include: lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, engineers, nurses, insurance and real estate brokers, architects, surveyors, and anyone else who needs a license to work.

To be eligible to register a .PRO domain, registrants must verify that they are a licensed professional. This process assists professionals establish online trust and communicate their credentials. .PRO is open to all licensed professionals. .PRO domain names work just like dot-com domains, with the ability for fully featured websites and email addresses. There are no restrictions on the types of names a business may register. Businesses may register industry keywords, search engine terms, company names, or their trademarks. There is no limit to how many .PRO domain names an individual or company can register.

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