EnCirca President serving on ICANN panel for Trademark Clearinghouse

As ICANN prepares to start accepting applications for new top-level domain extensions, it is also planning to establish a trademark clearinghouse for the protection of trademarks in these new domains.  EnCirca’s President, Tom Barrett is helping ICANN solicit feedback on the objectives of the new system.

This week, ICANN is meeting in Dakar, Senegal and Barrett is serving on a six-person panel seeking feedback from the community to ensure that the trademark clearinghouse implementation is aligned with the objectives. This ICANN session will feature an update on the activities relating to this work, and an open discussion on a number of implementation issues relating to the Trademark Claims service, and the Sunrise period requirements.

The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26 from 12pm-1:30pm GMT  (8am EST).

A virtual meeting room has been established and remote participation is encouraged. See http://dakar42.icann.org/node/26961 for details.