EnCirca Announces White Labeled Registrar Services

Today, EnCirca announces its white labeled registrar services to help determine the right Registrar solution to meet the needs of new gTLDs. As the leading registrar for restricted and sponsored TLD’s, EnCirca understands how to implement and manage customized Registrar solutions and can help define and evolve the registrar strategy as the domain business grows.

TLD’s that envision complex authentication and verification of potential registrants; integration of partners and member-based trade associations for referrals and authentication; industry verticals with clearly defined market segments and marketing opportunities and/or Specialized Rights Protection Mechanisms would benefit from EnCirca’s expertise.

“New namespaces oriented around a .BRAND, .COMMUNITY, .PROFESSION or .GEONAME can benefit from a special-purpose registrar who controls the entire end-user experience from start to finish,” says Thomas Barrett, President of EnCirca. “Registries should carefully consider their options prior to launching their new gTLD.”

New Top-level domain name Registries can elect to vertically integrate their operations and offer domain names directly to their target markets.  The list of ICANN rules and policies that Registrars need to comply with is growing rapidly.  These requirements do not go away with vertical integration, even if the gTLD is a .BRAND or .COMMUNITY.  New gTLDs need to assess whether they want to manage the registrar compliance issues in-house versus out-sourcing to a third party.

“With thousands of new gTLDs expected the next few years, Registries will need to find Registrar-partners willing to invest marketing and technical resources for the launch of their new top-level domain,” say Barrett. “EnCirca is well-suited to work with a select few new gTLDs that need a registrar can help them develop a custom-tailored end-user experience or that require special integration with partners.”

EnCirca offers a full range of consulting for new TLDs interested in designing the optimum distribution platform and channel for their new TLD, including:

-Registrar Accreditation

EnCirca can help with the paperwork to become an ICANN accredited Registrar.

-Technical Infrastructure and Registry Integration

EnCirca will provide a Registrar solution that is fully integrated with your selected Registry platform.

Website Development

EnCirca will implement the business processes necessary to support the main business.  Are there special validation requirements or need integration with third-party partners?

-Registrar Management and Support

EnCirca will manage day-to-day operations, such as end-user support and ICANN compliance.

Inquiries are welcome from new gTLD applicants, or their agents, regarding consulting projects for registrar interfaces for special authentication and registration processes, customized process flows, development of affiliate networks and Rights Protection Mechanisms. Please contact EnCirca at whiteregistrar@encirca.com.

About EnCirca

EnCirca is an ICANN Registrar serving over 5,000 business customers in 120 countries.  EnCirca specializes in niche TLD’s that have specialized registration processes– EnCirca is the top registrar for PRO, .JOBS and .TRAVEL and supports all of the ICANN gTLDs as well as most ccTLDs.