Don’t let the .xxx sun go down on protecting your trademarks!

It’s official, Sunrise B is over for .XXX. But, for trademark owners that still need to protect their marks and brands, there are several options to successfully feel secure in this new domain.

General Availability…

Many trademark owners will be pursuing General Availability (GA) in .XXX, and we’re happy to let you know that we’re offering pre-registration and we’re offering our customers the option to specifically apply for a non-resolving domain name. GA is first-come, first-served and will begin in December, 2011 for any domains still available after sunrise, landrush and premium auctions.

Successful applicants will need to renew annually.  The owner’s name will appear in the Whois as the domain name owner, although proxy services will be allowed for these names.

Want to get a jump on GA? Have a generic, common mark? Consider Landrush

.XXX Landrush is recommended if your brand represents a common or generic string.  If you are the only party applying for the domain name, the domain is yours for the minimum price. However, if more than one party applies for the same domain name, it goes to auction and is sold to the highest bidder. Also, registrants are required to join the sponsored community – and this is easier to do than it may seem because the membership criteria is broadly defined.  Eligibility includes a category called “Service Providers” and can include manufacturers, delivery companies, caterers, distribution companies, banking services, stylists and hosting services.

Successful applicants will need to renew their domain name annually.  The owner’s name will appear in the Whois as the domain name owner.