Domain Investors Take Note: .Pro domain auctions

Last week, the expired domain name “” was sold at auction for over $12,000, catching the attention of the domain investor community.  You might find a name for your next project in the current list of recently expired .Pro domain names. To be alerted for new listings, subscribe to our automated RSS feed.

While the growth of .Pro continues, there are still a lot of generic keywords available. You should also make sure to protect your company name and trademarks. Check for your keyword or trademark here.

The “” auction indicates the renewed interest that the .Pro domain name is receiving from domain name investors and trademark owners. Interest that will only grow as the .Pro registry releases one, two and three character domains in 2010. Stay tuned for the up-coming announcement.

To meet market interest, EnCirca is offering a new Bulk Purchase program for .Pro domains.  This program is ideal for professional trade associations, domain resellers and professional domain investors. For details on the program, please visit our .Pro Bulk Purchase program webpage. Even if the Bulk Purchase Program is not for you, .Pro domains are still inexpensive at just $14.95/year (and we charge no taxes!) Free .Pro Availability Check.