Competition Heats Up For Registrants

The Registry is releasing thousands of generic strings on the day that the Nominet opens up the .uk ccTLD.

Today, two registries made announcements that are clearly targeting registrants of the ccTLD.

Nominet, the .uk ccTLD Registry announced the availability of second level domain names, such as Note however, that all existing third-level .uk domains, such as are grandfathered in and have first dibs on the corresponding second level .uk domain name.

At the same time, the Registry, announced the release of thousands of previously-reserved domain names. According to the Registry, they are seeing a lot of traction from registrants in the UK for domain names.

This makes sense, since the public in the UK is accustomed to third-level domain names under

The choice comes down to one of branding. A business can elect to be branded with a .uk identity or a more global identity.

There are lot of great generic names available. the full list is available here:

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