.Co Sunrise for Trademark Owners starts today!

.Co Sunrise for Trademark Owners starts today!

Today is the day! .Co Sunrise for trademark owners has begun. Registered trademark owners can apply to reserve their trademarks via EnCirca.com.

The suffix .co is universally recognized as an abbreviation for company. In a recent .co registry survey, 75 percent of respondents equated .co with “company”, “corporation,” or “commerce.” In fact, nearly 50 countries use .co as a second level domain name to depict just that, such as co.uk and co.jp (see EnCirca’s list of countries that use .co as a sub-domain below.)

Companies looking to protect their trademark internationally will want to move quickly to protect their brand and trademarks as .co will not be a restricted domain – it will be open to all. By participating in the Sunrise period, you’ll have first dibs on your preferred name to help develop or secure your brand online.

So, don’t delay! Get in before the rush and reserve your trademark or brand name today with EnCirca. The Sunrise period for global trademark holders is from April 26th through June 10th and is followed by Landrush for anyone interested in .co from June 21st through July 13th.

To check out more about .co, visit EnCirca’s .co domain page.

How many countries use .co as a sub-domain?

Now that the country of Colombia is re-purposing its .co country-code top-level domain name for unrestricted international use, we wondered how many other countries reserve .co for commercial or company domain names.  We found nearly fifty different countries or regions that actively offer, or have reserved, a .co domain name space for commercial or company use.

Here’s EnCirca’s list of countries that reserve .co for commercial or company domain names:

Angola – co.ao

Armenia – co.am

Antigua and Barbuda – co.ag

Austria – co.at

Burundi – co.bi

Botswana – co.bw

Cameroon – co.cm

Channel Islands-Jersey – co.je

Cook Islands – co.ck

Costa Rica – co.cr

Greenland – co.gl

Guyana – co.gy

Hungary – co.hu

India – co.in

Indonesia – co.id

Iran – co.ir

Isle of Man – co.im

Israel – co.il

Italy – co.it

Japan – co.jp

Korea – co.kr

Lesotho – co.ls

Malawi – co.mw

Mauritius – co.mu

Morocco – co.ma

Mozambique – co.mz

Namibia – co.na

Netherlands – co.nl

New Zealand – co.nz

Oman – co.om

Pitcairn – co.pn

Palau – co.pw

Romania – co.ro

Saint Lucia – co.lc

Serbia – co.rs

South Africa -co.za

Tajikistan – co.tj

Tanzania – co.tz

Thailand – co.th

Trinidad and Tobago – co.tt

Uganda – co.ug

United Kingdon – co.uk

US Virgin Islands – co.vi

Uzbekistan – co.uz

Venezuela – co.ve

Zambia – co.zm

Zimbabwe – co.zw

Let us know if there should be any updates to this list.  To learn  more about the .co re-launch, please see http://www.encirca.com/html/co-reg.shtml

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