.CN Registry Re-Opening With New Restrictions

The .cn Registry has introduce new restrictions for registrants of .cn domain names.

We are pleased to inform you that  CNNIC the registry for .cn domain names, has decided to re-open the oversea registrars’ new registration connection effective on Feb. 10th, 2010 at 9:00 am Beijing time. The re-opening is to only serve applications that meet the following criteria.

Oversea multi-national entities that have a China branch should to register .CN or CNNIC managed CDN name through CNNIC accredited oversea registrar.

Registrars should follow the submitting procedures set during Dec. 14th 2009 to Jan. 6th 2010. Qualified application verification materials should be submitted to CNNIC through fax at +86-10-58812666-2 or email at reaudit6@cnnic.cn. Auditing period will be automatically extended if the application submitting day falls into a Chinese Holiday. (Such as Chinese New Year)

Successful applications will subject to “serverhold” status if the name is not recorded in China’s MIIT ICP Recording system. User should record the name with MIIT ICP Recording system and provide the Record Number to registrar, which in turn submits to CNNIC at update-info1@cnnic.cn (which also used for updating domain name information). CNNIC will reset the status to “OK”. 

Definitions and Detailed Criteria:

China Branch: means international companies, enterprises, and organizations establish within mainland China (PRC), a wholly owned or share controlling entity: including a branch, a subsidiary or a representative office which is having the same “name” as the parent entity. The local entity must register with the relevant Chinese authorities.

For example: IBM should use “IBM China” to register IBM.cn

Note: the above do not include embassies, consulates, un-registered individual representatives, non-legal person organizations, and JV entities. 

Chinese employee: the person submitting the application on behalf of the registrant (the entity), must be a Chinese citizen and has a valid PRC personal ID.

 Registrars Responsibilities

1.       Check the completeness of the verification materials;

2.       Registrar maintains a copy of those application materials.