Here come the IDNs…

Egypt, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are approved for internationalized top-level domain names.

ICANN has approved the first internationalized top-level domain names for Egypt, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

These domains are scheduled to go live in mid-2010 and will allow the usage of non-Latin character sets to access information from sites using those domains.

These four IDNs are the first of many non-Latin domain names that are expected to be approved. In fact,  ICANN has already received sixteen applications in eight languages.

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Registration for .eu IDNs starts NOW!

Drum roll, please…

Today, December 10th, EnCirca will be accepting registrations for .eu IDNs. Starting at 10:00 am GMT, registration will be open for domains in the European Union’s 23 official languages.

With almost 500 million citizens, the European Union generates an estimated 30 percent share of the nominal gross world product – it’s a market that is essential for business.

IDNs have made headlines recently, as more than 50 percent of the world’s Internet users do not use Latin-based script as their native language. Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names that include characters other than those available in the English alphabet.

They are already available for many domain extensions to the left of the dot and more and more extensions are coming on board. There is no sunrise or landrush period for this domain, so interested parties should not hesitate to secure their preferred names.

Visit to register!

.asia to roll-out IDNs in 2010

DotAsia plans to release IDN .asia domain registrations in the second half of 2010 to address the pent up demand in Asia for multilingual web addresses.

The timeline for this roll-out is as follows:

  • Dec 2009: DotAsia will publish first draft of IDN policies
  • Jan-Feb 2010: Input and feedback from industry expertise and users at large will be sought and incorporated into draft policies
  • Mar 2010: IDN Sunrise and Landrush policies to be finalized (after the APRICOT meetings in Kuala Lumpur)
  • NOTE: Launch dates TBD (exact dates will be announced in March after finalization of policies)

EnCirca will provide additional details about .asia IDNs as it becomes available. Watch EnCirca’s website for updates.

dotMobi Announces Unique Mobile Domain and Keyword Bundle for Chinese Brands and Businesses

The dotMobi bundle of keywords and Chinese-language .mobi domains will be available in a special sunrise period beginning at 4 a.m. UTC on October 29, 2009, and will finish at 4 a.m. UTC on November 28, 2009.

This sunrise period is ONLY for trademarks registered in Mainland China, Hongkong, Macao or Taiwan.

Immediately after on November 28, 2009, general registration will commence, and the keyword / Chinese-language .mobi domain bundle will be available at standard prices.
dotMobi, the company behind the .mobi top-level Internet domain, today announced the availability of its one-of-a-kind mobile keyword and .mobi domain bundle for Chinese brands and businesses.
Currently, more than 50% of China’s 1.3 billion citizens are estimated to be mobile subscribers—a figure that will quickly grow with the advent of 3G networks, which are just now arriving in China. And as with other countries, 3G mobile network speeds will drive the growth of mobile Web use. dotMobi’s unique mobile keyword and .mobi domain bundle is designed to meet the needs of businesses in that burgeoning mobile Web environment.
Trey Harvin, CEO of dotMobi, said, “The packaging of mobile keywords and .mobi domains is a global first. This gives Chinese site owners the flexibility of using the .mobi domain to help ensure successful discovery by search engines, while using both the .mobi domain and matching keyword in advertising efforts.”
Keywords — memorable words that a user can type into a mobile phone instead of a number– are very popular in China. And specific to the Chinese market, dotMobi will offer Web addresses in Chinese characters. These addresses in non-standard language characters are known as Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). The use of Chinese-character IDNs will allow Chinese-language mobile Web sites to be found more easily by search engines. According to Analysys International, more than 270 million Web searches were performed on mobile phones in China in the second quarter of 2009–double the figure from a year earlier, which highlights the importance of search for the Chinese mobile Web.