Calling all Co-ops! Free .coop domains!

Register for free .coop domain and get listed in the new online directory

EnCirca (, an official .coop registrar, announces free .coop domains for all first-time applicants. All registrations come with a free listing in the dotCoop directory ( designed to drive additional search engine traffic to owners of .coop websites

“Typically, one-year registrations are priced at $79.00, so this offer is amazing! It’s designed to jump start cooperatives in building their online presence,” says Thomas Barrett, President of EnCirca. “In the current economic climate, all organizations can benefit from a strong communications and marketing strategy – and maintaining a website is a key element to success.”

Included in this offer is the opportunity to be listed in the new dotCoop directory, Recently launched, the dotCoop directory has geo-tagged every resolving .coop domain into its map-based directory. This is provided free of charge with the registration and resolution of a .coop domain. The dotCoop directory enables every member to add video, photo and contact information to their listing. Each member also has their own, unique map and in turn, their own unique map URL, enhancing search engine optimization for their domain. Additionally, each member map has a unique widget that can be posted on social networks, member websites and other partners thereby generating additional traffic to member sites.

In order to be eligible for this offer, the registrant must have no .coop domains currently registered with any .coop accredited Registrar. In addition, only one 1-year registration from an eligible registrant may qualify for the discount. No-cost registrations cannot be used for part of multiple year registrations unless the subsequent renewal is processed separately by the registrar. The registrant may register other domains at the same time, but they will be charged the standard price for any other .coop domains. Renewals and transfers are not eligible for the offer.

To purchase a .coop domain name, visit