Are .cn domain names suddenly worth more?

With the recent restrictions on .cn domains, does this make existing domains worth even more?

Are .cn domain names suddenly worth more?

With the recent new restrictions imposed by the .CN registry, many of the pre-existing .cn domain names would never have been registered.

In addition, new registrations are now severely limited to companies and individuals  outside of China.  However, existing registrations are not impacted by the new restrictions: they can be renewed and transferred freely.

Does this make them more valuable?  What will happen to the average re-sale price of .cn domains?

Your comments are welcomed.

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3 thoughts on “Are .cn domain names suddenly worth more?”

  1. I have had no problems with my existing .cn portfolio. Transferring, trading so far, no problems. It’s not like its unique to this registry only, they are just enforcing their rules. They are pissed about all the porn and illegal sites that went up and it says right in the terms when you register a .cn “no porn, no illegal sites” . Cn values will rise substantially in the future. Hedge your bets with the .com when possible but and in Chinese is/will be huge. Now is a great time to spend a little bit for huge keywords in market and

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